amoorra is not just a product or a service or another business... It's about how we make today better than yesterday by making 'Me Time' easy for us all.

We created amoora to help us all to take that much needed 10 minutes a day of self-care and to feel pampered. To help jump start the morning with Awaken, help ease that runny nose with Breathe, or to reduce our stresses and strains with Sleep.

Being two busy mums, we didn't want to have a wonderful home spa experience and then have to clean up after it. So we designed amoorra to be the no mess, easy to use alternative to Bath Bombs.

The true art of aromatherapy can be diluted by the use of diffusers, oil burners and candles, but amoorra brings the true power of well-being back into the home by turning the shower into a sanctuary of tranquility & wellness.

As with all aromatherapy, your body will respond to what you actually need. So if you need more Sleep, then the naturally combined aromas of Lavender, Bergamot, and Vetiver can really help you.



How it all began...

Like many good ideas, it all started one night over a bottle of wine or two!!!


We were dreaming of lazy spa days and talking about how we had less time to relax with balancing work, home & family.


We spoke of bath bombs and how even if we had time to run a bath, some of us cannot use them anyway due to sensitive skin.


The more the wine flowed, the more we thought there are hundreds, thousands, possibly millions of women just like us who would give anything to make that 10 minutes of ‘ME TIME' a little more special.

Then it struck us; if we could have a bath bomb in the shower the problem would be solved. We have a shower every day so just adding a little aromatherapy to that shower would give us what we desired.

So, as we all do, we decide to search the internet to see what we could find for the shower.

We even tried putting bath bombs in the shower, that didn't work!!! 

Then we found homemade shower steamers, which we tried to make, but we really couldn't get these to work as we wanted. To give that burst of fragrance, that total immersion in a scent that reminds us of the spa, or may actually help us breathe easier, drift off to sleep a little quicker, or refresh us, as a spa can do.

We searched for longer, actually days became months, and finally we found a way to make the type of experience that really worked and helps the whole bathroom become a sanctuary. 

Because we believe ‘ME’ Time is a basic human right. Now it has become our life long mission to make ’ME’ Time an easy habit for everyone.

amoorra tablets are vegan-friendly, cruelty free, and all ingredients are ethically & sustainably sourced.


They are designed to melt away leaving no residue, oils or colour in the shower, whilst leaving you with a wonderful natural aroma that fills the air for hours afterward so that you can relive the feeling as you prepare for the day or evening ahead.